How i started the journey toward entrepreneurship

      At the age of 17 my mindset started to be delighted with being a business guy and finding a way towards financial freedom.I had a lot of business ideas but i didn't know where to start since i had no capital and my parents couldn't  help me either because they wanted me to study and become a doctor.

   i had no way to get the capital than saving my school pocket money and doing affiliate businesses,i started my journey as an affiliate in FIVERR, i had no idea own creating any content or providing any service in there but little could i be be thankful is that i had a good mindset, therefore i assigned my services as a graphic designer while i had no idea even how its done.

      But lord gave me the way that i took graphic orders from my customers in fiverr and assign them to the real  graphic designers whom i knew at that time and what i gained is the commission after the work is complete, i did that during my holidays at advanced level and it helped me generating a capital up to around $300 through savings.

      After i completed my secondary education i joined a computer programming course that took me 3 months to complete,this helped me generating another stream of income since i went back to FIVERR.COM as a blog developer where i worked as a programmer creating blogs for my clients then a month later i learned for-ex trading that wasn't a successful to me and took me back to the bottom since i blew all my money in this business.

      I didn't gave up for that loss rather that i found the other way to make it in life and finally found the online courses about drop-shipping and i bought it for $100 and for now it helps me generating more than $10000/month and i'm proud of that because i'm only 20 years old.

And that is why i'm sharing them to you today at very low and affordable price so as you can also be successful in life but only if you are ready to learn and not giving up,you will kick poverty to the hell

    work your way till impossible becomes possible!


I appreciate your feed backs guys looking to forward to work more hard so as to serve more as people as i can

ABDALLAH NOUH April 08, 2020

Thanks bro,for this is a truly inspiring

Innocent March 07, 2020

Big up young brother!!!!

Isaya mwakaje!! February 29, 2020

You are the first among the first, may Allah guide you to persue more than this.

Nusra Abdallah January 03, 2020

Big up man

Raphael Karanskov December 24, 2019

seems your parents are so proud of you,congratulations

halima yassin December 24, 2019

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